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  • Use lukewarm water (around 30 degrees) to wash. If hand washing, add a small amount of neutral detergent and push fabric together gently.  For areas with stubborn dirt, pat clean with a detergent-soaked towel prior to wash. Take care when handling, as synthetic fiber products may shrink or change color when using lukewarm water. Place in net it machine washing.  Try to avoid using a dehydrator (spin cycle), and instead pat with a towel or gently wring to remove water. Tumble drying is not recommended, as it may cause shrinkage or fading due to friction.

  • Neutral detergent is recommended.

  • Household detergents are low in alkaline levels and are for thorough dirt removal, thus may cause dyed products to look washed out. Do not use detergents with bleach.

  • Wash dyed products individually. Washing with other articles of clothing may cause colors to rub off or fade.

  • Dry by hanging in shade or laying flat. Hanging to dry in the sun may cause discoloration or fading. When laying flat to dry, spread on top of a towel and flip over to dry both sides. Indoor drying is recommended during the winter or when temperatures are low.

  • If two damp products are in contact while drying, color may rub off.

  • Placing near heaters, ironing while damp, or tumble drying may cause shrinkage.

  • Please be aware that cotton products will undergo some shrinkage.

If sending out to a professional cleaner's, let them know that it is a dyed product and should be handled with care.

• Repeatedly washing dyed products will cause fading or unevenness in color (fading is especially fast when machine washed). Limit washing as much as possible in order to maintain color. When washing, make sure to follow the above directions carefully. The fading and transformation of color can add a unique touch to the material, which we hope will give you a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment for a long time.